Lung Candy Vape Elixir – Blow – 15ml – 15ml / 0mg

Lung Candy Vape Elixir - Blow - 15ml - 15ml / 12mg

Lung Candy Vape Elixir – Blow – 15ml – 15ml / 0mg Blow is a white chocolate graham cracker that will surprise you. The white chocolate is creamy, not to bold and the graham cracker is perfect on the exhale.Ships from Flawless Distribution – California

While there is more to be learned about this, it appears that vaping is far less captivating than smoking. Many ex-smokers who thought they would never manage to quit smoking have switched to vaping and then discovered, after a few months, that they could take it or leave it, or at least abstain for long periods. They often choose to keep vaping because they like it and know it is lower risk, but feel they could stop any time they wanted. Most experienced vapers report that they have substantially reduced their total nicotine intake, starting out high while quitting smoking, but preferring less after a period of exclusive vaping.


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