RCVRY Vapes – Anonymous – 30ml – 30ml / 0mg

RCVRY Vapes - Anonymous - 30ml - 30ml / 6mg

A flavor guessing game. If you can guess two of the seven flavors on RCVRY VAPES  facebook page correctly, RCVRY VAPES will mail you the entire line free of charge. 60% VGShips from RCVRY VAPES – Kentucky 

Cigarettes give pleasure to users… pleasure that has proven lethal in most cases. E-cigs give a different kind of pleasure. E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors, including cherry, vanilla, strawberry and much more. This variety of flavors gives the vaper an intense and safer feeling of pleasure while vaping.All you need is to make the right choice of e-cigarette and choose your preferred e-liquid. When inhaled, the vapor tends to seem nourishing and appetizing, leaving behind the smell of fruits and tasty sweets. Unlike traditional cigarettes, which give off smoke with an offensive smell.


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