RCVRY Vapes – Anonymous – 30ml – 30ml / 6mg

RCVRY Vapes - Anonymous - 30ml - 30ml / 6mg

A flavor guessing game. If you can guess two of the seven flavors on RCVRY VAPES  facebook page correctly, RCVRY VAPES will mail you the entire line free of charge. 60% VGShips from RCVRY VAPES – Kentucky 

Thanks to a minimal aesthetic effect and the lack of influence on the health of the spectators, vaping is in many places socially acceptable where smoking is not. Not having to leave the office or bar for steam is a big advantage over smoking, and is an important motivation for many smokers who decide to try the e-cigarette. In addition, the ability to quickly remove an e-cigarette and take one or two soups – providing only the desired amount of nicotine at the time, rather than against fire and smoke a whole cigarette – offers significant benefits for many people.


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