Reds Apple EJuice – Reds Grape Iced – 60ml / 0mg

Reds Apple EJuice - Reds Grape Iced - 60ml - 60ml / 6mg

Experience the freshening blast of ice with a perfect blend of our classic Reds ejuice and tantalizing grape.60% VG

While there are undoubtedly differences in health effects among low-risk alternatives to smoking, they are quite small and speculative. The net risk from all such products is so close to zero that substituting them for smoking reduces risk about as effectively as not using tobacco products at all. E-cigarettes may not be quite as low risk as smokeless tobacco. High-quality closed systems, which contain only well-studied ingredients and highly controlled heating systems probably are. Open systems are not quite as “clean,” with a wider variety of e-juice ingredients, the option of higher temperature heating (which produces more contaminants in the vapour), and a huge variety of hardware components. This has resulted in alarmist claims about the vapour from open systems, particularly when operated in completely unrealistic ways. But the reality is that the quantities of potentially harmful chemicals produced remain small (much closer to quantities found in room air than the quantities created by smoking). It is important to keep in mind the absolute magnitude of the plausible range of risk. Even if a particular e-cigarette configuration doubles or triples the health risk compared to that 99% reduction in risk, it is still a tiny fraction of the risk from smoking. There is nothing to suggest it could be any higher than this, leaving the risk down in the range of that from other everyday hazards, like transport or eating junk food. If such a product, rather than some slightly cleaner alternative, is the satisfying alternative that can replace smoking for a given individual, then the net benefit is obvious. Indeed, if someone merely likes it a lot better, those benefits can justify the costs; we all take small health risks all the time in order to pursue other preferences.


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