Salt Drops eLiquid – Salted Blueberry Pie – 30ml / 25mg

Salt Drops eLiquid - Salted Blueberry Pie - 30ml / 50mg

*This product contains very High Nicotine content, not intended for Sub-Ohm use*Warm, out of the oven blueberry pie.

Electronic cigarettes do not produce odors and waste such as cigarette smoke. Someone who is vaping efficiently and politely (allowing most of the aerosol droplets to be deposited in the lungs, rather than taking big fast to try to maximize what exhales breaths) breathes almost no steam and no emission “sidestream” if you get a smoking cigarette tip. Thus, emissions minimally invasive and, as a separate item, pose no health threat to bystanders (details not included here, but they seem elsewhere). Most non-users find the scent of vaping close to being somewhat pleasant, thanks to the good taste of juice e-juice, unlike most of the opinions of non-smokers about the smell of smoking in the vicinity of or removal from the clothes of a smoker. There are places where the vaping can be intrusive, of course (restaurants, public transport, indoor and formal meetings come to mind), and the owners have the option to ban people from falling into those places if they choose. But in bars, offices and many other spaces where people want to have steam, it is no longer intrusive aesthetic to drink or eat a cup of coffee.


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