Smok TF-V8 Coils – V8-RBA

Smok TF-V8 Coils - V8-RBA

What’s Included: Your Selection of Smok T8-V8, Smok V8-T6, Smok V8-Q4 or Smok V8 RBA Coils Specs & Features: V8-T8 Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm Wattage: 50-260W (Best at 120-180W) V8-T6 Coil Resistance: 0.2ohm Wattage: 50-240W (Best at 110-150W) V8-Q4 Coil Resistance: 0.15ohm Wattage: 50-180W (Best 90-150W) V8 RBA Coil Resistance: 0.28ohm Clapton Coils Wattage: 50-140W

The availability of interesting e-liquid flavours makes vaping more enjoyable, which is welfare improving in itself. But beyond that, many vapers find that interesting flavours are critical for quitting smoking. E-cigarettes that try to imitate the taste of smoking, which includes a large portion of cigalikes, seldom do a convincing job of it. It leaves many smokers feeling that e-cigarettes are an altogether inferior substitute, so why bother? We might like to think that the health benefits alone would overcome that, but people often do not act on that basis. Ex-smokers who tried to switch to e-cigarettes but kept returning to smoking often report that finding an alternative flavour that they liked was what made vaping better than smoking, resulting in their complete switch. Moreover, after using flavours that do not resemble tobacco smoke for a few months, most vapers who try a cigarette report that it tastes terrible and so never consider switching back.


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