Summer 16 E-Juice – 30ml – 30ml / 0mg

Summer 16 E-Juice - 30ml - 30ml / 9mg

Summer 16 E-Juice – 30ml – 30ml / 0mg Dive into summer with this tropical blend of strawberry limeade. Tell the feds the future can wait ” savor summer with sun-kissed strawberry and fresh-squeezed limeade blended to citrus perfection. Trying to catch the perfect fruity wave? Make it an endless Summer 16. Wherever. Whenever.MAX VGShips from Vapewell Supply – Texas

Not all smokers (for certain reasons) choose to let the public – including friends and relatives – know that they actually smoke.Unlike traditional cigarettes, which leave an offensive aroma on one’s shirt, hair or tie, E-cigs doesn’t leave any lingering aroma after vaping.Vapers can be discreet and maintain whatever reputation they want to protect and avoid an offensive breath and smelling like an ash tray.


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