SVRF – Balanced – 60ml / 3mg

SVRF - Balanced - 60ml - 60ml / 6mg

Blend of Coconut and Creams MAX VG

Although there are undoubtedly differences in health effects between alternatives with a low risk of smoking, they are rather small and speculative. The net risk of all these products is so close to zero that they reduce the risk by replacing smoking, just like the use of tobacco products. E-cigarettes may not be as low as smokeless tobacco. High-quality closed systems, which only contain well-studied ingredients and highly controlled heating systems, are probably too. Open systems are not so “clean”, with a greater variety of electronic juice ingredients, the option of higher temperature heating (which produces more pollutants in the steam) and a variety of hardware components. This resulted in alarming claims about the steam of open systems, especially when used in completely unrealistic ways. But the reality is that the amounts of potentially harmful chemicals produced remain small (much closer to the quantities found in the air than the amounts caused by smoking). It is important to take into account the absolute size of the plausible risk. Although a certain configuration of electronic cigarettes doubles or triples the health risk compared with this risk reduction of 99%, it remains a small part of the smoking risk. Nothing suggests that it could be higher than that, so the risk is lower than that of other daily dangers, such as transport or the ingestion of junk food. If this product, rather than a slightly cleaner alternative, is the satisfactory alternative that can replace a certain individual with smoking, then the net benefit is clear. If someone simply finds them much better, these benefits can justify the costs; We all take small risks to health, to seek other preferences.


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