The Couple That Vapes – HIS – 120ml – 120ml / 0mg

The Couple That Vapes - HIS - 120ml - 120ml / 6mg

A delectable oatmeal sugar cookie with caramel drizzle! 80% VGShips from The Couple That Vapes – Massachusetts   

Cigarettes give users pleasure … fun that has been proven to be deadly in most cases. E-cigs give a different kind of pleasure. E-liquid comes in a variety of flavors including cherries, vanilla, strawberry and more. This variety of flavors gives the seller a sense of intense and safe pleasure during the vapen. All you need is to choose the right e-cigarette and choose your favorite e-liquid. When inhaled, the vapor tends to be nutritious and tasty to look at, leaving behind the smell of fruit and tasty candy. Unlike traditional cigarettes, they emit smoke with an offensive odor.


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