Vape Pink E-Liquid – Chew – 30ml – 30ml / 6mg

Vape Pink E-Liquid - Chew - 30ml - 30ml / 12mg

Mouth watering pink chewy candy that leaves you always wanting more. 70% VGShips from Vape Pink – California 

E-cigarettes can be vaped anywhere. This may include restaurants, offices, hotels or public places unlike traditional cigarettes. You will not have to avoid “no-smoking zones” or have to lock yourself up in order to smoke. E-cigs can be vaped anywhere and at any time without fears of harassment, arrest or complaints as they produce vapors only and are completely smokeless.Most people – especially non-smokers – will agree that the aromas from traditional cigarettes are always offensive and irritating. But, with these smokeless devices in place, vapers (or smokers) can confidently vape freely without causing any inconvenience to others.


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