Vape Pink E-Liquid – Cookie Butter – 30ml – 30ml / 12mg

Vape Pink E-Liquid - Cookie Butter - 30ml - 30ml / 12mg

Warm gooey oatmeal cookies dipped in milk and topped with brown sugar.  70% VGShips from Vape Pink – California 

Although there is more to learn about this, it seems that vaping is far less engaging than smoking. Many former smokers who thought they would never stop coming came to have fun and then discovered, after a few months, what might take or leave, or at least remember for long periods. They often choose to continue vaping because they found and know that it is a lower risk, but believe they can stop at any time they wanted. The more experienced vapers report that significantly reduced the total intake of nicotine, starting high to quit, but preferred less after a period of exclusive exclusion.


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