Vape Pink E-Liquid – Sample Pack – 60ml / 3mg

Vape Pink E-Liquid - Sample Pack - 60ml / 12mg

Vape Pink E-Liquid – Sample PackIncludes One 60ml Bottle Of Each Flavor.Limit One Per Store.Ships from Vape Pink – California  *Items in sample pack may Vary

It is clear that there is no epidemiology about the long-term use of the electronic cigarette (and will probably always be for every type of electronic cigarette, since the products change so quickly). But we have sufficient evidence that we are certain of the low risk: we have indications about the low risk of nicotine without smoking tobacco smoke. The other exposures due to vapors – inhalation of transport chemicals and small amounts of contaminants – have been well studied in other configurations. This allows us to conclude that the risk of vapors is lower than the risk of using smokeless tobacco (details not included in this document are available elsewhere). We still have a guarantee on this conclusion of the real experiences of hundreds of thousands of aviators who have been using the products for years and numerous formal studies of acute effects that show that electronic cigarettes have no unexpected consequences in the short term. This is the same evidence and the same reasoning as the American FDA. to conclude that the prolonged use of NRT products does not pose a substantial risk.


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